Cieszyn – the town located in the Silesian foothills on the river Olza. This an old Piatowski stronghold. It is very strategic point because of the border post. Cieszyn is also a dynamic cultural and scientific centre.

Places worth visiting while being in Cieszyn:

  • The Castle hill and the Roman Rotunda (a symbol visible on 20 PLN note)
  • The Castle and the Piastowska Tower
  • The market square and baroque-classical town hall
  • The Three Brother's Well and „The Venice of Cieszyn”
  • sacred buildings

Wieża piastowska z XIV w. Gotycki kościół św. Trójcy Gotycki kościół parafialny św. Marii Magdaleny

Trip routes

We recommand 2 or 3 day-long trips f.e.:

1st day - a ride on a bus to Ustroń Polana, taking a chair-lift to czantoria Mountain, passing through Soszów summit towards Wisła village ( visiting the Beskidzkie Museum ), return to the youth hostel

2nd day - zvisiting the town of Cieszyn and crossing the Chech border

3rd day - a ride on a bus to Goleszów, walking up the Chełm hill, visiting the glider school, walking to the Tuł mountain – a sanctuary of yew trees and wild orchids.

Download the detailed trip routes [ pdf ]

We have a privilage to invite you to different festivals in Cieszyn:

  • The festival of "Three Brothers" in June
  • The festival of Vocal Music "Viva il Canto" in August
  • "The Jazz Autumn" in Cieszyn in September/October
  • The theatre festival "On the Border" in May
  • "The Decade of Organ, Choral and Chamber Music" in October